TzeliHTravel photography workshop provides a platform for those who seek to know a place – it’s history, people, tradition and culture – through the lens of a camera. Rather than being a laboratory for learning the latest techniques in digital photography, participants will endeavor to capture the atmosphere of a foreign country. We’ll learn how to “see” and how to compose an image in our minds before taking a picture. We will get to know a place by learning how to capture and see the light on a face, a landscape or an object, and how to connect this place with ourselves through photography. Kythera will offer us opportunities to photograph landscapes, seascapes, villages, architecture, interiors, people and their traditional way of life – but most of all, you will experience how to see and capture the amazing Greek light. You will learn to frame light and composition to capture richer, more inspiring images. And your classroom will be one of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes.


The workshop is appropriate for photographers of all experience levels and specialties. Digital and film cameras are welcome equally.Each workshop will differ, depending on the weather conditions and group’s photographic impulse of the moment.

All the excursions will be guided by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou who will also be there for any possible questions you want to ask about photography, the history of the place, local life etc.


For more detailed information, please contact Tzeli Hadjidimitriou on [email protected]